The Rock’s own Moose will be officiating a mass wedding at this year’s Rockfest. If you want to say “I Do” at the Worth Harley-Davidson Stage, here’s what you need to know! We’ll take care of the ceremony, but please, don’t consummate the marriage in bathrooms!


You will need to bring a completed, official Kansas State Marriage License, the envelope they provide to mail it back to the courthouse, and the keepsake certificate to our check-in table (see “WHERE DO I NEED TO BRING THEM” section below). These are available at any Kansas courthouse, including the Johnson County Courthouse and Wyandotte County Courthouse:

Johnson County Courthouse
100 N Kansas Ave
Olathe, KS 66061
(913) 715-3353
Office Link

Wyandotte County Courthouse
701 N 7th Street, Suite 323
Kansas City, KS 66101
(913) 573-5260
Office Link
Please visit the above listed websites for the courthouse that corresponds with the county you live in. Complete FAQ and guidelines on how to apply for a marriage certificate can be found on the above listed websites. Please choose the courthouse that corresponds to the county you live in.
You will need to bring a completed Missouri State Marriage License¸ Kansas State Marriage License, the envelope they provide to mail it back to the courthouse, and the Keepsake Certificate to our check-in table located by the Worth Harley-Davidson stage between the hours of 12pm-3pm.
We will take your completed marriage certificate, along with your keepsake certificate and envelope to have Moose (an ordained minister) sign and make the documents official just after the ceremony. The Marriage License will be mailed to Recorder of Deeds denoted on the self-addressed envelope you give us by Friday, June 8. The Keepsake Certificate will be mailed to the address you provide on-site by Friday, June 8.
The wedding will take place about 4:30 pm. You will be given the precise directions on where to meet on-site after you check in.
When Moose begins the mass ceremony, it should only take 3 to 5 minutes to complete the nuptials. After that, you rejoice! You aren’t officially married until the Marriage Certificate is received and filed at the Recorder of Deeds office at your corresponding courthouse. Rings are not necessary to the ceremony if you do not want to bring them. This will be a non-denominational wedding and will not reflect any particular or specific religious affiliation. Moose will not take “requests” for special or specific vows during the ceremony. If this is something you are wanting, you might want to reconsider getting married at Rockfest.
Rockfest is first and foremost a festival and many other things second. All rules and regulations that apply to the festival will still apply whether you participate in the ceremony or not. For a full list of what you can/cannot bring, please visit our FAQ for Rockfest by clicking HERE.
The only cameras acceptable inside the venue are small digital cameras, nothing with a removable lens. These are your typical point-and-shoot cameras. If you still desire to have a professional photographer take pictures, they will need to purchase a ticket and must follow all standard Rockfest guidelines.
The Rock will make sure that we capture this moment. Pictures will be available on our website at the week after Rockfest. We cannot guarantee that we have pictures of all the couples wanting to get married, nor will we be able to provide specific pictures or high resolution pictures.
No. With the time constraints of this process, The Rock will provide witness signatures from 98.9 The Rock staff after the event has occurred.
Renewing your vows is strictly symbolic – not legally binding. You only need to fulfill requirements if you are getting legally married – since you’re already married, you don’t have to worry about it. So all you’ll need to renew your vows are yourselves, Rockfest, and Moose to lead the ceremony.
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